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What is a session/creation fee, and what is included in that fee?

The session/creation fee is the cost to create an artist portrait.? It is based on a photographer’s artistic vision or style, their reputation, and photographer’s expertise.? Skilled photographers have expertise on posing, lighting and photo retouching and enhancing an image.? It is also based on the usual costs of running a legitimate business and equipment costs.

The session/creation fee includes a planning meeting in studio or by phone, the photographic session (in studio or on location) and an ordering/viewing session.? In some instances it will also include an assistant for the photographer to help sessions run smoothly.? The session/creation fee does not include any prints or products.


What is a viewing/ordering appointment?

2-3 weeks after your portraits have been taken a viewing/ordering appointment will be made for you to come into the studio.? This is the time where your images will be displayed on a big screen to view and you have the opportunity order images.? This session typically takes from 1-2 hours.

You should prepare for this appointment.? If you know that you would like to have a wall portrait, go through your house and figure out where you would like to have it displayed and what size would fit on the wall.? If you provide us pictures of your wall(s) we can use them to show you what portraits of different sizes would look like on your wall.? It is also good to think through what smaller sizes you would like to have on display in your house or would like to give away to family and friends as gifts.? These appointments can be overwhelming, as you’ll have so many excellent images from which to choose!

All parties responsible for the decision making regarding your session images need to be present during the view/ ordering appointment.


What do I wear for my portrait session?

It is best to avoid stripes and patterns and stick with solid colors.? Try and choose colors that will harmonize with each other; colors that are of a similar hue.? Three-quarter length sleeves for women are often more flattering than short sleeves.

Why choose custom photography?

Clients who enjoy taking a more active role in the creation of their families? memories have the desire to have portrait art that is truly personalized.? These more discerning clients have been known to budget and allot time for a custom photography session.? Many clients opt for it to be a once a year special experience, some opt to have custom photography sessions done to record their child?s stages in life.? Having said this, it is clear that custom photography is not in everyone?s budget, it is something that most families save for to splurge on from time to time to memorialize their children as they really are (not posed and primped in the cookie cutter ‘Sears studio’ setting.)

There is a great deal of time involved in creating high end custom photography sessions for a client.? The time invested at the session is only a small portion of time involved in this process.? You also get personalized service, better choices and a superb end product.? The result of all this are heirloom quality images.

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Why does custom photography cost so much?

The digital revolution has brought amazing flexibility and ability to control various factors during the image taking and making process.? Photographers, the hobbyist, the professional, the amateur all benefit from this ability to manipulate pixels.? However, with flexibility comes a price.? Digital camera equipment is still considerably more expensive when you factor in its lifespan, the education and need for additional resources for processing those images, the time it takes to get a usable image and the effort that goes into creating a work of photographic art.

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That said, the many classes, seminars and years of education to gain the expertise to produce what you see on this website all add up to having the professional skills to produce a high quality professional images you can treasure for a lifetime. Please note that all images printed as 4×6 and larger are all photo retouched and enhanced to bring out the colors, backgrounds are manipulated when needed and skin is softened when needed, eyes brightened, etc. to get the best possible image.

Does Annie K. Rowland offer images on DVD and are they retouched?

Please note that retouched digital files on DVD are one of our high end products that we do sell.? We do offer them for our portrait clients? but only once you have made a minimum purchase.? We firmly believe as a professional studio we would rather be able to control the quality of the end product we produce but realize some families do want them for archival purposes. For our wedding clients we offer the Digital Negative ( which are not retouched) as a Ala cart item to add on to your wedding day package. please call for details if you have questions.

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